Painting of the superstructure on RAL-codes into company colours by offer

Special paintings on offer

Dynaset 140 bar hydraulic pressure washer + 20 m automatic hose reel

Separate control box for rear, rotations, rpm / start / stop, work lights, pump-spout, audible alarm

Orange lights to the side of the vehicle, 4 pc/side

12 m self-return hose reel with fog nozzle for mold oil

12 m washing hose

VBG with air servo

Hydraulic drive instead of cardan

Loading / Unloading by switch from the Cabin

Loading / Unloading by switch from the Plattform

Pocket-sized Scanreco radio control for transport tank control

A sealed tailgate integrated into the loading hopper

Rear Underrun protection, Aluminium

Washing level back to the right, with pull-out staircase

blasting of the wash system with compressed air (frost), incl.

Lockable metal work clothes / equipment cabinet electric heating element

Lockable Tool Cabinet Alu / Stainless, 500/600/700/900 mm wide

Fixed aluminum mold oil tank, 5 m spiral hose with spray nozzle

PVC/ Aluminium/ Stainless protection press between subframe

Side protection, type approved Aluminium bars

Sand spreader ’Slirej’

The tool bracket, a shovel, 2 x brush and lever

Automatic lubricating

Battery / Plug In Electric hybrid drive on LiFePo battery for the superstructure

Automatic unloading by detachable level sensor

Automatic hose reel RST with 10 meter washing hose and wash nozzle

Hydraulic Remote controlled Spout for serving concrete pumps

Parlok mudguards

Net based transport stand for 2x 10 l jugs

A hydraulically rising loading funnel

Locking hatch for the telescopic chute

Reversing camera